DJI Wookong Firmware Archive

Jonathan Malory's Google Profile Written by Jonathan Malory

The firmware for the DJI Wookong M flight controller is updated regulary and can be downloaded here:

However, I like to keep an archive of past Wookong M firmwares because DJI doesn't for some reason, they always delete the old ones from their page. I have more than one DJI powered machine and always keep up to date with the latest firmware on one, but like to keep the others on different iterations with less options installed. Also, on rare occasions, the new releases do things I'm not interested in, or make my multirotor do something I don't want it to, so it's good to be able to roll back to previous versions.

Anyway, most people prefer the newer stuff, but there are others like me who like to keep things simple on at least one of their ships where they wish they hadn't upgraded it, so hopefully this will be useful to any other people like me.