DJI Wookong M Controller and GPS Placement

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It is very important that your DJI Wookong M flight controller placement and the position of your GPS antenna in relation to the centre of gravity for your drone is accurately recorderd in the DJI Wookong software.

DJI Wookong Flight Controller Placement

Personally I'm very much a follower of the KISS ethos, Keep It Simple, Stupid. So, although you can place it wherever you like, I prefer to stick my Wookong flight controller slap bang in the middle.It should be attached very securely, hard-mounted with zip ties, servo tape or even glue. Do not use those springy sponge things are any kind of special vibration dampening grommets etc. The DJI Wookong M flight controller likes to be on a solid surface as it has its own internal dampening system.

DJI Wookong GPS Antenna Placement

The GPS antenna is traditionally, for DJI that is, mounted on top of a rod to the back of your drone's central plate - so you can to count how many negative centemetres back from centre it is and how many negative centemetres up in the air it is from the centre (with DJI you go upwards with negative numbers and down or below with positive numbers - (this is where 90% of people stuff things up the first time round).

Centre-mounted Wookong GPS antennaIt seems to be the trend to mount the GPS antenna on top of the supplied 10cm carbon rod and to the rear of the quacopter or hexacopter etc. However, in keeping with my KISS ethos, I prefer to mount my DJi Wookong GPS antenna in the exact centre, 10cm up (negative) in the air on top of my dome cover. Some hexa and quad frams now come with a sort of crash cage with a round flat piece on top especially for mounting the DJI Wookong GPS antenna. To me this is not only very cool, but a testament to how popular the DJI Wookong has become - that companies are designing their own carbon fibre frames around this popular flight controller.