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DJI Wookong IMUHi, My name is Jonathan from I'm a massive fan of the DJI (Dajiang Innovations) Wookong and Naza flight controllers, as you might guess from the banner I made at the top of the page.

I have absolutely no connection with DJI or their products and I am in no way affiliated with or endorced by DJI. I made this website for people in the UK, or anywhere else, to learn about the DJI Wookong M and DJI Naza  flight controllers for multi-rotor drones, quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters and to hopefully help others enjoy them as much as I do.

While they do come with quite good documentation there are still aspects of the DJI Wookong and Naza flight controllers that some people get stuck on, or perhaps there may be some information you are unsure about regarding your DJI Wookong or Naza flight controller that you wish were clearer in your mind.

Also, there are probably a lot of people who are wondering if the DJI Wookong M or the Naza flight controller is the right choice for them. In writing these DJI Wookong and Naza articles it is hoped that they will be of benefit to those who read them.

What exactly is a Flight Controller?

The flight controller is the brain of your multi-rotor drone, telling each motor what speed to spin at in order to keep your radio controlled quadcopter or hexacopter etc level. Therefore, choosing the right flight controller is imperative.

Flight controllers come in various levels of sophistication, depending on the model and the company that makes them. For example there are low-budget flight controllers that merely try to keep your quadcopter or hexacopter level and do nothing else, and of these some are better than others, while there are more sophisticated flight controllers that use GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) systems to allow your quadcopter or hexacopter to hold its position in the sky and return to base when radio signals are lost.

Some companies make flight controllers that work very well, and DJI is one of those companies currently leading the market in this area with their virtually plug and play flight controller systems.

Which is right for me, DJI Wookong M or DJI Naza?

DJI Wookong MDJI Wookong M

The DJI Wookong M is the more sophisticated of the two flight controllers, which is why it's considerably more expensive. It has many options regarding what you can do with it and is the first choice for many people who want to use their quadcopters, hexacopters or octocopters for aerial photography, aerial filming and aerial surveys etc.

I know that many suppliers or ready to fly multi-rotor drones have given up using any other flight controllers and work exlcusively with the DJI Wookong M because they simply don't trust any other flight controller to be as reliable.

Also a few of the famous quad and hexa frame manufacturers are evn designing elemtns into their carbon frames to accomodate the DJI Wookong M and it's GPS antenna.

Click here for full DJI Wookong M Flight Controller Details.

DJI Naza

The DJI Naza is a bare bones flight controller, performs like the Wookong M but without all the 'bells and whistles'. However, don't count it out as a professional flight controller though, it out-performs practically all other non-DJI flight controllers and can still be used for aerial photography etc. I would say, in regard to filming and photography, it's ideal for use with small setups where you're flying within easy seeing distance and you don't need any automated flight paths.

Personally I use the Wookong M all the time, in fact I have two hexacopters - a medium and a heavy lift - always ready with the a DJI Wookong M installed. However, I do have a Naza on my Gaui 330X frame which is just awesome - I use it for doing quick reccies of places, and for fun blasting around fields of course. If you've owned a Gaui 330X, or any Gaui with the GU-344 flight controller you'll know they're far from perfect to say the least. Don't get me wrong though, I've had a lot of fun with my Gauis and the GU-344, see some of my earlier videos, but believe me you'll be totally blown away if you swap out your GU-344 for a DJI Naza. As well is being rock solid in flight, the Naza also has height hold and camera gimbal control - the Gaui GU-344 has neither. Plus DJI is bringing out a GPS addon for the Naza, so it will position hold and return to home. In fact, with this in mind, you may well wonder what the point of buying the much more esxpensive Wookong M is when the new Naza addon allows GPS functionality. Well, the answer is the Wookong M is simply a more sophisticated piece of technology. Its gyros and electronic are more accurate and sensitive, holding your position and flying more smoothly at higher altitudes where wind speeds are higher. Put it this way, the Naza is great, but the Wookong M is better. If you fly both you will know what I mean.